George Dillon Studio

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For my  Travel Photography:


Stop by Element Cafe at the Hanford House  61 Hanford St.

STE 49 Sutter Creek, CA

George has had an interest and a connection to art all his life but

only in the last decade has been able to dedicate his full time to its pursuit.

His teachers include nationally renowned landscape artist Charles White,

watercolorists Penny Soto and Joan Dougherty, Judie Cain, a frequent

contributor to “Artist Magazine” and portraitist Gary Bergren.  Ben

Kikuyama, an internationally known featured artist at the Lahaina Galleries

in Maui has been his mentor in the field of mixed media and three-

dimensional art.

    George’s style is most often surreal or modern and has been influenced

by Picasso, Matisse and Georges Braque as well as his first encounters with

African Art and travel. As an ardent traveler (he has visited over eighty

countries and all seven continents), his imagination and whimsy have all 

been inspirational to him and has encouraged his experimentation with

color, theme and materials.   His 3-dimensional art is typically built from canvas or paper and then layered upon each other to form his interpretations of the subject while he takes a more conventional approach to more traditional themes.

    George’s art is both bold and colorful and challenges his viewers’

sensibilities with sometimes humorous and sometimes penetrating looks

at culture and its surroundings.  Further adding to his art are his pithy titles

that often reflect both innuendo and a healthy splash of irony. 

    Currently his works are being shown at Lodi Arts Center and at the

Calaveras Arts Council as well as Elements Cafe at the Hanford House in

Sutter Creek.